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dumbell push press @ cfto- courtesy of john vivian

The road to a fitter and healthier me…

I am Cindy


more recently…

CrossFitter.nutrition enthusiast.cook…

and now…


What a life changing journey these past several years have been!

In March 2003, my world was shaken by the sudden death of my dear mom.  She was a nurturing and generous person, someone who always put others first. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with diabetes in her thirties and she became insulin dependent.  As time went on she also developed other related conditions.  At the age of just 56 she suffered a massive heart attack and left our world far too soon.

Living through this has been heartbreaking. After taking time to grieve and deal with this loss, I realized that I had to re-evaluate my own life, including my food choices, level of physical activity and my personal goals. These were all areas that I thought I was in control of, but in reality I was overweight and sedentary.  I learned from my mom’s death that I had to turn my life around and take the reigns of my own fate.  When I was finally able to gain my ground, I was infused with strength I didn’t even know I had!  Sure, there were ups and downs, but I found the motivation to get back on track.  Not a day goes by that I don’t think of my wonderful mom.   I thank her for giving me the willpower, determination and the focus to embark on a new lifestyle.

By drastically changing my eating habits, exercise regime, sleep patterns and overall outlook on life (in various stages), I have witnessed astonishing results.  Not just in the way I look, but more importantly in my performance, mood and function.  I am seventy(ish) pounds lighter, a heck of a lot happier and much, much stronger!  I wake up every morning with a channeled energy.  I feel that I have a heightened sense of purpose and passion for what I believe in. I am thriving.

In February 2009, I reconnected with a close friend, Tyler Touchette of Cornwall CrossFit.  As my road towards greater health continued, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  Tyler has been, and still is a major player, as well as countless others in bringing me to where I presently am.  During our conversation at that time, he told me all about the Paleo lifestyle and the strength and conditioning program he was involved with.  Without hesitation, I decided to join the CrossFit Toronto gym.

It has now been over 4 years since my husband and I experienced those “deer caught in headlights” days in the boot camp.  Every day I become more and more in love with this way of life.  My passion for cooking and eating “real food” has grown remarkably. I never realized that making a few changes could make such a huge difference. This journey is far from over, and perhaps only just beginning.  I hope to continue to thrive, and in the meantime share some delicious recipes and tips along the way.  Life is precious, live it!

Here’s to a healthier and fitter you. Welcome to my blog… Have a blast reading my tidbits on health, fitness and how to thrive when eating nutrient-dense foods, while making some of my delicious recipes. Enjoy!!!

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