paleo in a nutshell


1. PALEO: A prefix that means “prehistoric” or “primitive”

2. DISH: (n) A particular variety or preparation of food

(v) Informal talk

3. ISH: A suffix that means kind of/somewhat, usually added onto the end of a word

I decided to name my blog PALEOdISH because the title was “short and sweet”, but was also able to capture the essence of the content that will be featured.  The PALEO part focuses on the kinds of foods that will be used in my recipes the majority of the time.  The DISH part stands for the actual recipe types that will be posted- such as appetizers, mains, sides etc…  It also represents the fact that sometimes I will be blogging and talking about topics surrounding the Paleo diet that aren’t necessarily recipe related.  Basically, this means giving you the DISH on my views concerning different subjects areas related to health, fitness and nutrition.  Lastly, the ISH part I just couldn’t resist!!!  I had to and can often be heard adding this on to various words in my daily conversations with people.  When present in my posts, it will stand beside those ingredients that are “borderline” or simply “non-Paleo” in nature.   If they appear  in the recipes, they are usually optional and the word ~ “ISH” will be written beside them.  I hope you enjoy and happy cooking!!!

What is the “Paleo Diet/lifestyle”? The Paleo Diet focuses on eating foods that were readily available during the Paleolithic (caveman) era, prior to the Agricultural Revolution.  It’s premise concentrates on feeding your body food it was genetically designed to eat, digest and process.

Highly recommended foods are:

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